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Monthly update for December and yearly update for 2017

by André Arko on

Welcome to the Bundler monthly (and yearly) update! We’ve been writing monthly updates about Bundler for several years as part of the Ruby Together monthly updates, and finally realized that we should be posting those monthly updates here, as well. Here’s to many more monthly updates to come!

As you may have noticed, Bundler didn’t end up shipping with Ruby 2.5. The Ruby language core team has yet to announce why they decided to remove Bundler a few hours before Ruby 2.5 was released on Christmas Day. Hopefully, we’ll find out the story there soon.

In the meantime, Bundler 1.16.1 has been released, with fixes or workarounds for all known issues. If you were waiting to upgrade to version 1.16, give it a try now! If you’re still seeing issues on version 1.16.1, please let us know! We care a lot about fixing bugs and maintaining backwards compatibility, but we need to hear from users in order to know when bugs have crept in. <3

In December, Bundler gained 59 new commits, contributed by 8 authors. There were 419 additions and 301 deletions across 36 files.

In 2017, Bundler gained two new maintainers, Colby Swandale and hsbt. We shipped 21 releases total, which included 3 feature releases. Those releases included 1,392 commits, by 31 authors, with 21,892 additions and 5,860 deletions across 1,140 changed files.

Thanks especially to Bundler’s new contributors in 2017: Abu Nashir, Adam Wanninger, Adrian Gomez, Alessandro Dal Grande, Alex Taylor, Artyom Khramov, Ashish Sehra, Atsushi Yamamoto, Brian Christian, Daniel P. Clark, Daniel Ritz, Daniel Trierweiler, David Radcliffe, Dennis Suratna, Elia Schito, emsk, Eric Boehs, Erik Johnson, fotanus, Frederico, Frederico Bittencourt, Glenn Espinosa, Greg Werbin, Grey Baker, HippoDippo, Igor Bozato, Ivan Kuchin, Jack LaBarba, Jan Krutisch, Jared Kauppila, Jonathan Pike, Juan Barreneche, Julian Nadeau, Justin Myers, Kaycee, Keiji Yoshimi, Kerri Miller, leslie.wen, Mal Graty, Michael Deering, Michael Pitman, mpd, Noah Kantrowitz, Nobuyoshi Nakada, okkez, Olle Jonsson, Patricia Arbona, Paul Nikitochkin, Piotr Kuczynski, robcole, Robert Soly, Sebastian Nowak, Shayon Mukherjee, Stefan Sedich, Stephanie Morillo, Tejas Bubane, Tristan Hill, Urabe, Shyouhei, Wade Tandy, Will Jordan, and Zach Ahn.

Until next month,
André and the Bundler team