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June 2018 Bundler Update

by Stephanie Morillo on

Welcome to the June Bundler update!

Last month, we fixed some bugs and our Google Summer of Code (GSoC) students finished work on the bundle remove feature. We also created a checklist for the Bundler 2 release, and finished documentation for the Bundler release process.

After that, we published a public request for comments on the idea of Bundler release channels. Just this week, we learned a lot about how Docker and Bundler can work better together.

We published a new zine called “The Evolution of Bundler” in partnership with @sailorhg of Bubblesort Zines. It’s now available for sale in the Ruby Together store.

This month, Bundler gained 63 new commits, contributed by 12 authors. There were 738 additions and 102 deletions across 48 files.

Interested in contributing to Bundler? We always welcome contributions in the forms of triaging bugs, adding new features, writing docs, and engaging with the wider community. Visit the Bundler Contributor Guidelines on GitHub to get started. Don’t have time to contribute, but want to support our work? Sign up as a member of Ruby Together to help fund our work to keep Bundler working for everyone.