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How to use Bundler in a single-file Ruby script

To use Bundler in a single-file script, add require 'bundler/inline' at the top of your Ruby file. Then, use the gemfile method to declare any gem sources and gems that you need. Here’s an example:

require 'bundler/inline'

gemfile do
  source ''
  gem 'json', require: false
  gem 'nap', require: 'rest'
  gem 'cocoapods', '~> 0.34.1'

puts 'Gems installed and loaded!'
puts "The nap gem is at version #{REST::VERSION}"

To run this script, including installing any missing gems, save the script into a file (for example, bundler_inline_example.rb) and then run the file with the command ruby bundler_inline_example.rb.

Running the script will automatically install any missing gems, require the gems you listed, and then run your code.

Edit this document on GitHub if you caught an error or noticed something was missing.