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What's New in each Release

What's New in v1.10

Bundler 1.10 comes with a new `lock` command, support for inline gemfiles in scripts, the ability to disable post-install messages, optional groups, conditional gem installation, dramatically improved `outdated` output, and the option to force installed gems to be downloaded and installed again.

In this section, you’ll find the major features introduced in this release. All the changes are documented in the Bundler 1.10 changelog. Full 1.10 changelog

The `lock` command

Bundler now provides a lock command. Running bundle lock will resolve the Gemfile and write a Gemfile.lock, but will not download or install any gems.

Inline Gemfiles

For single-file scripts that still depend on gems, a gemfile method is provided by require "bundler/inline". This method will not generate a lock, so be careful what gem versions you allow!


Ignore gem post-install messages

Are you tired of being told to HTTParty hard? This option's for you. Run bundle config ignore_messages.httparty true to silence HTTParty for good, or run bundle config ignore_messages true to turn off all messages forever.

config ignore_messages

Optional groups and --with

Who needs a jetpack future when you can have optional groups? The long-requested ability to create groups of gems that are not installed by default is finally here. Mark a group as optional using group :name, optional: true do, and then opt in to installing an optional group with bundle install --with name.

install --force

Conditional groups via install_if

At the same time as adding the long-awaited optional groups, we added groups that can be installed (or not) completely automatically! Provide a lambda or proc to determine if gems in the install_if group should be installed, and they will be. Or not.

Bundler 1.10 also includes:
  • add install --force to re-install installed gems
  • show more information, including groups, in outdated
  • improved error reports for Gemfile errors
  • improved gem minitest template
  • glob arguments for gemspec in Gemfile
  • timeouts and retries are now configurable
Full 1.10 changelog
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