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What's New in each Release

What's New in v1.8

Bundler 1.8 comes with a host of new features to improve gem isolation, better support for using multi-platform gems in deployment, and faster bundle exec among other changes.

In this section, you’ll find the major features introduced in this release. All the changes are documented in the Bundler 1.8 changelog. Full 1.8 changelog

Enforce Source Hijacking Protection

If a Gemfile does have multiple top-level gem sources, bundle install warns when a gem is found in more than one source. Setting config disable_multisource turns this warning into an error.

Improved gem lookup

Gems are now looked up across all sources to satisfy dependencies. In addition, installed gems are now also looked up in remote sources.

New options for bundle package

You can now pass the --no-install flag to bundle package in order to update the gem cache, but not actually install gems. bundle package also takes a new --all-platforms, enabling caching of gem files for platforms other than the one bundler is run on. This solves some problems when deploying on a platform that is different from the development platform.

Improved templates for new Gems

Creating new gems now includes more metadata in the template, sets the version appropriately, adds a gem code of conduct file, license setting and appropriate config options.

Other changes

Bundler 1.8 also includes:
  • improved resolver performance
  • speed improvements when running bundle exec with commands on the $PATH
  • detection of malformed Gemfile.lock
  • improved error handling and better explanations
  • new shortcuts for git sources from Bitbucket and GitHub Gists
  • More configurability
Full 1.8 changelog
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