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What's New in each Release

What's New in v1.9

Bundler 1.9 comes with a new dependency resolver, called Molinillo, among other changes.

In this section, you’ll find the major features introduced in this release. All the changes are documented in the Bundler 1.9 changelog. Full 1.9 changelog

Using Molinillo for Dependency Resolution

Bundler's dependency resolver is now powered by Molinillo, the CocoaPods dependency resolution algorithm sponsored by Stripe that is fully documented, tested, and built for use across different dependency managers built in Ruby. Molinillo

Improved gemspec detection

Directories are now searched resursively for gemspecs, with specs found closer to the root being preferred.

Other changes

Bundler 1.9 also includes:
  • improved vendoring of thor that will make conflicts less common
  • fixed gemspecs generated by bundle gem from a pre-release bundler version
  • bundle which will no longer be confused by directories
Full 1.9 changelog
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