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What's New in each Release

What's New in v1.6

In this section, you'll find the major features introduced in the release. All the changes are documented in the Bundler 1.6 changelog. Full 1.6 changelog

The resolver has been rewritten to avoid recursion and can now resolve Gemfiles up to 10x faster than before.

bundle console now supports IRB alternatives Pry and Ripl. If we want to use Pry, set the console Bundler setting: bundle config console pry. You'll need make sure pry is in your Gemfile. Now when running bundle console it will open Pry instead of IRB.
Learn More: Bundle Console

Now when creating a new gem, bundle gem supports the --ext flag which creates skeleton files for a C-extension. When running bundle gem newgem --ext, it will create some new files in a ext directory: extconf.rb, newgem.c, newgem.h
Learn More: Bundle Gem

Bundler 1.6 also includes:
  • other performance improvements to make resolving and installing faster
  • :git_source for custom options like :github and :gist
  • color highlighting installed or updated gems
  • HTTP auth may now be stored in bundle config
  • Full 1.6 changelog
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